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To keep pace with the rising demand for a seamless flow of inventory and information about that inventory, Interweigh Systems designs complete industrial weighing solutions based on the data provided by weighing scales and dimensioners. While we carry stand-alone scales, from pallet to crane scales, our main focus is on the creation of manufacturing and warehousing information systems for the food, automotive and shipping industries. These systems might include everything from industrial weights and their calibration, to barcode scanners, printers, weigh labelers, touch screen monitors and the software to operate them.

Our new dimensioning systems and in-motion scales are a prime example of the latest trend in the weighing industry. With accurate cube and weight data, the ability to track multiple products on different production lines, software reports that provide real-time data for accounting and inventory control, they promise to change current shipping, warehousing and distribution practices beyond all recognition. As a leader in weighing technology, our scales are used throughout the world in a wide range of industries from pharmaceutical and food to retail, agricultural, medical and automotive.

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Sartorius | Ishida WM 4000 Wrapper | CubiScan Dimensioners | QuickWeigh | WL-799LE

Industrial Scales Automatic Wrappers Dimensioning Industrial Weights
Industrial Scales WM Nano Table Top Wrappers CubiScan 125 Industrial Weights

We manufacture a wide range of industrial scales from floor to shipping and counting scales.

The new WM-Nano promises to level the playing field for the small grocer or food retailer.

Ask about the new CubiScan 125 for collecting dim weight data.

Scale calibration weights and weight sets for verifying mass at a very precise level of accuracy.

Weigh Labelers Floor Scales Balances Pallet Truck Scales
Weigh Labelers Floor Scales Lab Balances Pallet Truck Scales

Our bar code weigh labelers provide customized barcode label printing solutions.

Our low profile floor scales are ideal for weighing heavy objects that require the use of a forklift.

We carry a complete inventory of balances for pharmaceutical and quality control applications.

Pallet truck scales, on-board weighing systems and weigh-in-motion loader scales.

Truck Scales Drum Scales Custom Equipment Indicators
Truck Scales Drum Scales Custom Equipment Indicators

Our truck scales come with more structural steel, superior support and design features.

Our portable drum scales are made to move around in hazardous and hard to reach areas.

Our new touch screen industrial computers are a prime example of our custom design expertise.

We offer a great selection of weight indicators that are perfect for existing scales and balances.

Data Collection & Scanning Solutions Forklift Weighing Solutions Bar Code Printing & Labelling Solutions Pallet Dimensioning & Weighing Solutions
Handheld Scanners Forklift Scales Label Printers Pallet Dimenining Solutions

Meet the next evolution in the highly successful MC9000 Series, the MC9190-G.

Weigh and transfer warehouse products and collect data in one simple operation.

For lower operating costs and flawless print quality try the new I-Class Mark II printer.

Ceiling Mounted Dimensiong System. Scan, cube and weigh skids or pallets.

Industrial Scale CalibrationAs a manufacturer and supplier of industrial scales, Interweigh is proud to be member of the ISO community. We are ISO 9001:2008 registered for its quality management system and ISO\IEC 17025:2005 accredited as a calibration laboratory so you can be assured of a consistent and trusted product. Our Mass Calibration Laboratory provides quality weight calibration services, including recalibration and refurbishing of existing weights. We are authorized distributors for Ishida, Fairbanks, Rice Lake, A & D, Datamax, Accu-Sort and Teklynx to name only a few of the internationally recognized scale, barcode, printer and data collection manufacturers. At Interweigh Systems Inc., we strive for excellence in all our endeavours. We achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering premium value products with a service record second to none. Click here for the Document Center.

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On August 2, 2007 Measurement Canada accredited Interweigh Systems Inc to inspect devices as set out in Schedule A of the Accreditation Agreement. Click here to download a copy of that agreement for your information. Our accreditation number is A-285.

In addition to our standard supply of products, we can also custom manufacture to fit your specific needs using these and other reputable suppliers. All of our products carry a one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Extended warranty coverage is available at time of purchase and renewable annually thereafter.

We provide factory-trained technicians (inoculated as required for bio-hazardous environments) to perform service and repairs on an emergency basis or as part of our preventative maintenance plan. We would like to be able to become a member of your team to assist your firm with its' weighing, dimensioning, bar code scanning, data integration and labeling solutions.

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