Barcode Systems

Interweigh Systems Inc. designs and supplies complete barcode systems including thermal transfer printers, scanners, label applicators, barcode verifiers and complete data collection software solutions. Whether it involves working with existing customer product databases or helping new prospects design their own product databases, we can provide you with an in depth solution based on our years of experience working with barcode systems and their extensive list of applications.

Barcode Printers

Barcode PrintersAs the centerpiece of barcode systems, the printing of a barcode is a critical point in the process. We offer barcode printers highly recommended for those who rely on barcode printing to improve their data management, accessibility and reduce costs, and increase productivity. Innovative and easy to install, these printers allow companies in virtually any industry to utilize barcodes for unlimited applications. We supply turn-key barcode printing solutions from Zebra, TEC and Datamax which will enable you to quickly get up to speed on printing your own barcode labels. See Barcode Printers

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Barcode Weigh Labelers

Barcode Weigh Labelers We offer the WL-799LE and WL - 7000 as complete weighing and labeling printing solutions where HACCP traceability is often needed. These weigh labeling systems include a 15" touch screen with a Datamax I-4208 barcode printer. Ideal for food distribution and packaging applications where recalls are expected. See Barcode Weigh Labelers

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Barcode Label Applicators

Barcode Label ApplicatorsLabel applicators are pressure sensitive labeling equipment designed for shipment addressing, product identification, inventory control, pricing and data collection. Our affordable label applicators are simple to operate, easy to maintain and durable. In alliance with Auto Labe, a leader in labeling equipment since 1967, we offer many different types of label applicators from Automatic to Semi-Automatic, Print and Apply applicators, RFID labelers, all kinds of accessories and complete turn-key solutions. Whether you are just starting a labeling project or expanding your labeling operations, we can meet all your labeling requirements. See Barcode Label Applicators

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Barcode Verifiers

Barcode VerifiersBarcode Verifiers bridge the gap between barcode scanning and printing eliminating unreadable barcodes from barcode systems and making your business compliant with labeling standards. The verification of a barcode tells you everything you need to know about how that particular barcode, and any of those barcodes printed on the same printer, should perform in any environment, with a wide range of scanners. We offer the following barcode verifiers from RJS and Printronix. See Barcode Verifiers

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Barcode Printing and Label Software

Barcode Printing and Labeling SoftwareIn addition to our own custom designed software solutions for scales and barcode printing and labelling, we also offer LabelView by Teklynx, one of the world's best barcode and label printing software packages available. Interweigh offers full Labelview support including turn key installations with Labelview and any of our barcode printers. We also offer full barcode compliance support. This includes on-site and phone support. Call us today and see the difference. See Barcode Software

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