Custom Designed Equipment by Interweigh Systems

Interweigh Systems Inc. custom designs all kinds of industrial scales, dimensioning systems and barcode weigh labelers to meet a variety of industrial needs. Our WL7000 Weigh Labeler is a prime example of our custom design expertise. The WL7000 integrates touch screen technology to latest barcode printing equipment and weighing equipment providing you with all the necessary data to meet stringent HCAAP and food grade standards.

Below are some other fine examples of Interweigh's commitment to innovation and design expertise:

Interweigh's Industrial Touch Screen Computer WL 799LE Weigh Labeler

Touch Screen ComputersAs part of our WL 7000 labeling system, Interweigh's new Touch Screen Industrial computer can fill a variety of diverse roles. Our stainless steel model features a Perma Shell enclosure tat will last and look good for many years and is suitable for food processing deployments. Fully capable of withstanding a wash down workplace, all interface connectors are a minimum IP 67 rated while the enclosure is compliant with an IP56 rating.

WL799LE Weigh LabelersWe offer the WL-799LE as a complete weighing and labeling printing solution where HACCP traceability is often needed. This system includes a 15" touch screen with a Datamax I-4208 barcode printer. Ideal for food distribution and packaging applications.

Interweigh's Filling Machine Fabric Scales

Interpak Bag FillersInterweigh's Interpak Net Weigher is an innovative filling machine for packaging all kinds of dry foods from spices to coffee beans. Unit features a stainless steel hopper with adjustable height, mounted on a floor stand to support the weighing and hopper unit. Our filling machines are ideal for weighing, filling and packing dry goods from snack foods, to frozen vegetables, powders, nuts and seeds, coffee, rice and pellets. These filling machines are ready for world wide distribution including Mexico, Latin America, South East Asia and the Philippines.

Fabric ScalesOur custom designed fabric scales feature a swivel indicator with a column extension that makes it possible to weigh stacks of fabric material. This makes it easier for fabric distributors, manufacturers and importers of fabrics to collect inventory data from all their stores and store it in one centralized location.

Barcode Weigh Labeler ISI-8000 Dynamic Carcass Weigher

WL7000 Barcode Weigh LabelerInterweigh offers the WL 7000 as a complete weigh barcode labeling printing solution for food distribution and packaging applications. This system offers you check weighing functions with hi and low ranges, automatic code selection and random or fixed weight printing. The WL7000 offers touch screen capability, stainless steel sealed design with an IP 56 rating. Try the WL7000 today and get your production reports where they are needed, on the plant floor.

Carcass WeighersThis custom designed scale was specifically designed to capture the weight of an animal carcass as it travels along a motorized rail system. It is installed to replace a section of the motorized rail and thus becomes part of the live rail. The scale has a motorized chain that advances the trolley-hook along the scale at faster rate than the rails system itself. As the trolley-hook passes over the scale it trips a sensor that activates the weighing process.

Swine Sorter  

Swine SortersWith this scale you can sort your animals to match packer pricing programs and reduces the labour of sorting and loading. Our Swine Sorter scale accurately weighs and sorts pigs at marketing and allows for the monitoring of weights throughout the feeding period. With Swine Sorter feed withdrawal before marketing is possible, resulting in lower feed costs and better meat quality.


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