Rice Lake IQ Plus 390 Electronic Indicators

IQ Plus 390 Electronic Indicators are highly functional and so compact in size that they are perfect for crowded industrial areas or where space is limited. Consider the 390-DC with standard five-key operation or the 590-DC with a complete keypad for easy configuration and calibration. Both models operate on either battery or AC power and provide the flexibility of a counting mode.

Download the 390 IQ Plus Brochure.

IQ Plus 390 Electronic Indicators

Notable Features

  • NEMA 4X Fiberglas-Reinforced Polyester (FRP) enclosure
  • Bright, 2" LED Display (420HE)
  • Bold 1" Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) (390HE)
  • Universal mounting tabs (replaceable)
  • Up to 60 updates/second (420HE) or up to 30 updates/second (390HE)
  • Selectable display update rate
  • lb/kg switching
  • 5-button operation, environmentally protected mechanical switches
  • Two communication ports, full duplex RS-232
  • RATTLETRAP vibration control

390 Electronic Indicators

Specifications Description
Power 9 VDC, provided by 6 “C” cell alkaline batteries or AC adapter
Power consumption: (Estimated battery life)
100 mA (100 hours with 4 x 350 Ω load cells),
25 mA typical (300 hours with 1 load cell)
Excitation Voltage 5 VDC, 4 x 350 Ω or 8 x 700 Ω load cells
Analog Signal Input Range -2.5 mV – 22.5 mV or -.5 mV/V – 4.5 mV/V
Analog Signal Sensitivity 0.3 μV/graduation minimum
1.5 μV/grad recommended
Resolution Internal resolution: 1 million counts
Display resolution: 100,000dd
Counting capacity: 100,000
Measurement Rate 30, 15, 7 1/2, 3 3/4 per second
System Linearity Within 0.01% of full scale
Circuit Protection RFI, EMI, ESD pro
Rating/Material NEMA 4X/IP66, stainless steel
Serial Communications EDP/Printer port: Full duplex RS-232
Display 1.0 in (24.5 mm) 6-digit Liquid Crystal Display
(LCD), 7 segment, digits
Status Annunciators Designators for: center of zero, standstill, gross,
net, lb, kg, piece count
Keyboard 6-key flat membrane panel, tactile feel
Operating Temperature Legal: 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
Industrial: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
Weight 3 lb (1.4 kg)
Approvals NTEP -10,000 Divisions, Class III/IIIL,
CC# 03-059A1, Measurement Canada AM-5517,
Class III/IIIHD at 10,000 Divisions;
OIML approved, TC 7028, TC7628; T 5692
at 10,000 Divisions
CE marked
Warranty Two year limited warranty

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