Grading Systems for Poultry, Fish and Lobster

Our grading systems are used for dynamically grading or sorting a food product into various weight ranges thus providing a value-added feature to that product for the end user. Our grading systems are typically used in the food industry for grading chicken of meat pieces, lobsters or fish. Our grading systems are available in various sizes and configurations to suit your applications. They feature up to 32 different ranges and are ideal for meat, poultry and fish.

ISI-3000 Grading Systems

Notable Features

Interweigh Systems Inc.
Model: Model: ISI-3000-Grader, 4 to 8 channel

A grader is used to sort food products into various weight ranges to provide value-added to that product by controlling portion sizes to meet the end user's needs. Also used to sort product into price ranges based on weight. End user can sell that product at the same price without having to re-weigh it at time of sale.

The Interweigh Grader comes in either a 4, 6 or 8-channel model. The grader is constructed of stainless steel, with 3 conveyors. Each of the in-feed, weigh-bed and out-feed conveyors has a food-grade conveyor belt and is wash-down.

The ISI-3000-Grader capacity is 3000g x 2g. Stainless steel construction. Up to 120 pieces/minute. Product code setup for easy product changes. Production data collection available.

ISI-3000 Grading Systems


Interweigh has been producing its own line of graders or grading systems since 1990, providing grading solutions in both the poultry business in Ontario and the fisheries industry in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Our design includes the efficiencies of the European machines but uses local components to ensure parts are readily available for service.


The Interweigh Grader is built in Canada using locally supplied parts, thus reducing servicing issues.


The ISI-3000-Grader is used by:

  • Poultry processors for grading chicken breasts and chicken strips.
  • Fish processors for grading fish fillets
  • Lobster processors for grading whole lobsters

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