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Interweigh Systems Inc. is a multi-faceted solutions provider for a wide range of industries. Our products cover all facets of the weighing industry from scales to checkweighers, scanning, dimensioning, label printing, automation and warehouse data collection. Our industrial scale weighing solutions are designed for a variety of industries including solid waste, agriculture, petrochemical, food, transportation, retail, pharmaceutical and medical. As a mechanical or electronic device, the scale is commonly used in households, scientific laboratories, businesses, and industry to measure the weight or mass of an object or substance. Our scales fall into several categories from scales used in a laboratory to scales used in grocery stores. Click on any of the following for more information.

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Brand Name Scales and Products

We are the authorized distributors for the following brand names in the industrial weighing and scale industry.

Sartorius Scales Cubiscan Dimensioning Systems Zebra Technologies
Teklynx Software A&D Weighing AutoLabe
Rice Lake Weighing Systems Ishida RJS Barcode Verifiers
Motorola Doran Scales Inc Measurement Systems International
Datamax-O'Neil Fairbanks Intercomp
Food Packaging and Labeling Equipment

We offer a wide range of food packaging equipment including floor, table top, and swing lid vacuum sealers, scales, weigh labelers, slicers and tray packaging machines. Follow the links below for more information. Food Packaging Equipment

Vacuum Sealers/Packagers
Ishida UNI 7
Ishida WM 4000 Automatic Wrapper
WL 7000 Weigh Labeler
WL 799LE Weigh Labeler


We offer a wide range of scanning hardware, wireless infrastructure and software for all your weighing devices and systems. We offer Symbol mobile computers, cordless bar code scanners, handheld scanners, wireless networking and power over ethernet products, warehouse shipping software and comprehensive barcode scanning software packages. Follow the links below for more information. Scanning and Barcode Equipment

Scanning Hardware
Wireless Scanning
Scanning Software


We offer complete weighing solutions for all you dimensioning needs, from cubing to barcode scanning all at a single point of operation that can seamlessly integrate transmitted data into your current accounting software. We offer devices for dimensioning cube-shaped objects statically as well as dynamically. Follow the links below for more information. Static and In-Motion 
Dimensioning Systems

Static Systems
Dynamic Systems
DM3500 Package Dimensioner
Cubiscan Cubing and Dimensioning Systems
CubiScan Static and In Motion Systems

Barcode Systems

We design and supply label printers for printing labels, receipts and bar codes. We carry a full spectrum of receipt and label printers to meet all your printing requirements. Follow the links below for more information. Barcode Systems

Bar Code Printers
Bar Code Weigh Labelers
Label Applicators
Barcode Verifiers
Barcode Software

Scale Rentals

We offer one of the most extensive ranges of scales and weighing systems for rental. We specialize in renting out scales for keeping track of your inventory. Designed for tough use in general industrial applications, our counting scales are the most accurate, dependable and economical scales on the market today. They can be combined with a bench or floor scale for a wide variety of counting applications. Follow the link below for more information. Scale Rentals

Scale Rentals

In Motion Scales

We manufacture and distribute in motion scales for a variety of industries including the food processing, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Our in-motion scales can weigh a product while it is being moved whether it is by a conveyor system or a motorized rail system. We carry conveyor scales for conveying systems, grading systems for grading and sorting meat, checkweighers for weight range verification at high or moderate speeds and finally, rail scales for weighing animal carcasses hung from a motorized rail system. Follow the links below for more information. In-Motion Scales

Conveyor Scales
Grading Systems
Rail Scales

Industrial Weights

We supply cast iron and stainless scale calibration weights and weight sets for verifying mass at a very precise level of accuracy in laboratory and industrial applications. Our calibration weights meet or exceed all necessary standards including ASTM, OIML, NIST specifications. Follow the links below for more information. Calibration Weights and 

Laboratory Weights
Industrial Weights
Weight Accessories


We design software that makes it easier to gain the quick and accurate information you need from your weighing system. Our easy-to-use software programs offer several advanced features that are sure to help you streamline your operation. Our software packages allow you to easily connect any scale or balance with the RS-232 feature to a PC with WinCT software. It allows you to import the data from your weighing device into your PC software, such as Windows 95, 98, XP based Word or Excel software. Follow the links below for more information. Software

Industrial Management Software
Food Traceability Software
Food Processing Software
Manufacturing Software - CATNet
Data Collector Software
Truck Scale Software
Label Printing Software - LabelView
Teklynx Identification and Tracking Software

Custom Equipment

We custom design industrial scales and complete weighing systems to meet your specific weighing needs. Our touch screen industrial computers are a prime example of our popular custom design expertise. Custom Weighing and 
Labeling Equipment

Custom Equipment


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