Industrial Weighing Scales

Industrial Weighing Scales

Interweigh Systems Inc. designs and supplies industrial weighing scales for a variety of applications and industries from solid waste to agriculture, petrochemical, food, transportation, retail, pharmaceutical and medical. As a mechanical or electronic device, industrial weighing scales are found everywhere in households, meat processing plants, scientific laboratories, stores, shipping depots and warehouses. Used to measure the weight or mass of an object or substance, our scales fall into several categories from scales used in a laboratory to scales used in warehouses and grocery stores. Click on any of the following for more information.

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Kinds of Industrial Weighing Scales

Assemblies - load cells that can be placed on or under almost any type of container, or vessel turning it into an accurate scale.
Bench Scales - weighing devices for use on a bench, table or counter. They come in two main forms, all in one or detachable. Bench scales are used for a variety of applications, such as parcel weighing, parts counting, portion control and many others.
Checkweighers - scales for weight range verification at high or moderate speeds.
Counting Scales - devices used to count parts saving you time and money.
Crane Scales - devices for overhead material weighing. They can be often be found at the ports for off loading of ships. Crane scales have two functions, one is to give you the weight of an item, the other is to ensure operators do not overload the crane or hoist.
Digital Scales - digital scales for weighing and displaying the results in a digital format.
Drum Scales - industrial weighing scales for measuring the weight of drums or barrels.
Fabric Scales - scales for weighing all fabric related materials.
Floor and Pallet Scales - weighing scales for use on the floor.
Food Scales - include all scales used in the food processing industry.
Indicators - digital electronic display units that can be used with platform base units or retrofitted to existing scales and balances.
Intrinsically Safe Scales - a device designed specifically for hazardous areas and corrosive environments.
Lab Scales and Balances - weighing scales or analytical balances for all spectrums of the modern laboratory. Regardless of whether you are in the pharmaceutical industry, work in a quality control laboratory, a university, college or school, we have the right scale for you.
Load Cells - kind of transducer or sensor which converts force into a measurable electrical output.
Mechanical Scales - platform, beam and spring scales for general industrial use.
Moisture Analyzers - moisture analyzers for the laboratory and many other routine moisture analysis applications.
Pallet Truck Scales - transforms a pallet truck into an accurate weighing scale.
Pharmaceutical Scales: we offer flat bed floor scales, checkweighers and analytic balances for all your production processes.
Platform Scales - scales for weighing objects using a flat platform that is can be very low to the ground for easy access or that can be wide enough to handle larger items.
Portion Scales - scales for use within the food industry for the preparation of ingredients. They are also used for portion control and portion packaging, i.e., pre packed goods, filling of canned goods or the mixing of seasonings or ingredients.
Postal Scales - scales for all types of shipping and mailing applications.
Precision Scales - scales for providing accurate and precise weighing measurements.
Rail Scales - weighing scales attached to a rail system in a meat plant for transporting carcasses.
Retail Scales - weighing devices used in shops and grocery stores for selling goods by weight.
Sartorius Scales - we offer high quality weighing solutions including the Combics, Midrics and the impressive new Signum series.
Shipping Scales - scales for shipping applications where volume is a key issue.
Touch Screen Industrial Computers - ruggedized industrial computers for use with scales in dusty wash down environments.
Truck Scales - heavy-duty scales used to measure vehicles like rigs or tankers.
Vacuum Sealers/Packagers - sealing machines for storing and preserving all kinds of food for sale in a supermarket, deli or convenience store.
Wheel Scales or Weighers - portable scales for weighing all kinds of vehicles including trucks, cars, loaders, cranes, forklifts. Also called Axle Scales, Wheel Pads or Vehicle Scales

Weighing Scale Applications

Our industrial weighing scales measure static or dynamic as well as compressive or tensile loads. They are widely used in industrial applications to measure everything from small packages for shipping, to the contents of hoppers, to extremely heavy loads such as freight hauling trucks or airplanes.

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