Analytical Balances and Lab Scales

Analytical Balances or Lab Scales are highly sensitive measuring devices designed specifically for the laboratory environment. Our inventory of lab scales or analytical balances covers all spectrums of weighing in the modern laboratory. Regardless of whether you are in the pharmaceutical industry, work in a quality control laboratory, a university, college or school, we have the right device for you. These balances provide high precision measuring for laboratory applications requiring 0.1 milligram to 10 micrograms readability. They are well designed for university, pharmaceutical, and high precision manufacturing applications.

Sartorius Cubis® Sartorius Practum®

Cubis Lab BalancesThe Cubis® high-performance lab balance is a respected benchmark for use in regulated sectors like global pharmaceutical labs that have the most stringent requirements. Users can choose from thousands of options to configure this balance to suit their individual needs.

Practum Lab ScalesLooking for something new and exciting for the pharmaceutical industry? The Practum® Analytic Balance offers the best value for your money without compromising precision and reliability. Count on consistent readings and excellent repeatability.

Sartorius Entris® Sartorius Secura®

Entris Lab BalancesThe new Entris® has been specially designed to deliver effective and reliable weighing results in your daily work. The easy and clearly structured user interface, the logical key assignment and excellent readability are ideal features for error-free operation.

Secura Lab BalancesThe new Secura® semi-micro lab balance features unsurpassed weighing technology available within the 5-digit class in the standard market segment today. We offer a unique selection, giving you five different models to choose from.

Sartorius Quintix® A&D Newton Series

Quintix Lab BalancesThe Quinitix® lab balance is designed for your daily lab routine. Working with these balances is a breeze thanks to the new and revolutionary touchscreen user interface. Increase your efficiency with integrated application programs and obtain high accuracy with the built-in automatic adjustment function.

A&D Newton SeriesThese brand new compact balances offer some great features for a wide variety of precision weighing applications. These lab scales offer a new level of affordability that are as quick to respond as they are reliable. Choose from ten models with a weight capacity of 120 g to 6100g and a resolution ranging from 0.01g to 0.1g.

A&D Everest Series A&D Gemini Series

A&D Everest SeriesThe very popular Everest Series lab scale offers a good selection of capacities and resolutions. Its versatile features include full digital calibration and a large LCD display with back light. Its small footprint, optional carrying case, and rechargeable NiCd battery make it convenient and portable.

A&D Gemini SeriesThese precision lab scales, with internal calibration, provide a much larger weighing chamber and smaller footprint than conventional balances. These lab scales are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes. Capacity: 120 g to 310 g. Resolution: 0.1 mg to 0.01 mg.

A&D GX Series A&D GX-K Series

A&D GX SeriesThese precision analytical balances feature the revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology that improves response speed, accuracy and minimizes maintenance costs. Unique design provides the fastest response speed in its class - just 1 second!

A&D GX-K SeriesThese precision analytical balances feature a revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology that improves response speed, accuracy and minimizes maintenance costs. Unique design provides the fastest response speed in its class - just 1.5 seconds!

A&D Orion Series Ishida AF Series

A&D Orion SeriesThe Orion Series Balances provide many remarkable features at affordable prices. These easy-to-use analytical balances are durable, adapt to your environment, and provide great flexibility and resolution.

Ishida AF SeriesThis analytic balance features a CAL Adviser, one touch calibration, ISO/GLP/GMP, easy to clean, wide weighing area and a one-handed door system. The CAL adviser tells you when calibration is recommended due to an environmental change.

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