Drum Scales

Drum Scales are weighing devices specifically designed for measuring the weight of a drum or barrel. They are ideal for blending, drum filling, checkweighing or general weighing in chemical applications. With a platform-to-floor height of only 1.5 inches, these portable drum scales allow for easy access to the platform, helping prevent injury and potential spills. The low, gradual platform slope makes the scale ideal for positioning a drum on the platform while using a hand dolly. Live side rails offer the extra flexibility needed to weigh oversized or unusual loads. Drum scales typically use a load cell design that can handle shock loads and overloads up to 150% of its capacity. The load cell is sealed to withstand frequent washdowns. Portable drum scales are easy to relocate with a platform weight of only 155 pounds. Installation is quick and easy just place on a level surface, calibrate and go.

Interweigh's Low Profile Drum Scales Interweigh's Portable Drum Scales

Low Profile Drum Scales Our custom built low profile drum scale is a compact and low profile floor scale with live side rails for straddle weighing. Ideal for controlling the filling quantity of packed food, etc.

Portable Drum Scales Our new portable drum scale is built to move around through narrow door and hall ways. With two wheels on the bottom of the scale, this drum scale is ideal for weighing barrels and drums in hard to reach places. Features stainless construction with a capacity of 1000 lbs (500 kg).

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