Digital Weight Indicators

Digital Weight Indicators are digital electronic display units that can be used with platform base units or retrofitted for existing scales and balances. We offer high resolution programmable digital weight indicators for commercial applications. Whether it is a basic indicator for a floor/pallet scale, a batch weighing indicator for processing plant applications or an indicator with a built in printer for your truck scales, you will find it here.

120 Plus Digital Weight Indicators 480/480 Plus Indicators

120 Plus IndicatorsThis attractive weight indicator provides plenty of function for everyday weighing, whether it be for the office, a bench top, or any other dry work environment. Its durable plastic enclosure showcases the attractive and easy to read backlit LCD display along with a full keypad for quick configuration.

480 Plus IndicatorsRice Lake's Legend Series combines industrial strength with innovative features to deliver the best in performance and value. With NEMA 4X, stainless steel enclosure and advanced gasket system, the industrial-strength Legend Series is built for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces, inside or out.

IQ Plus 390/590 Indicators 520 Digital Indicators

IQ Plus 390 IndicatorsCompact in size, this highly functional weight indicator was made for those crowded industrial areas. Choose the 390-DC with standard five key operation or the 590-DC with a complete keypad for easy configuration and calibration. Both models operate on either battery or AC power and provide the flexibility of a counting mode.

520 IndicatorsRice Lake's 520 is the most compact and economical option for providing process control and batching functions, delivering an exceptional combination of performance and value. The 520 is Rice Lake's only programmable model to offer a counting scale function. Available in both panel mount and desktop versions.

420 Plus Digital Weight Indicators 720i Programmable Indicators

420 Plus IndicatorsThe 420 Plus basic weight indicator offers the additional benefit of two internal setpoints and a full front keypad for simple calibration and configuration. Like many other programmable indicators, the 420 Plus offers analog output and will also power as many as eight 350 ohm load cells or sixteen 700 ohm load cells.

720i IndicatorsThe 720i indicator is the most affordable way of getting the function and ability of the more advanced intelligent indicators. For basic weighing and data acquisition to recipe formulation, inventory management and traceability, choose the 720i. Advanced programmability and enhanced data base storage make this indicator ideal for a wide variety of weighing applications.

820i Programmable Indicators 920i Programmable Weight Indicators

820i IndicatorsFor the most comprehensive combination of function and price, Rice Lake's 820i is the instrument of choice. This versatile intelligent model boasts a powerful yet easy-to-use interface that can operate and display up to two scales simultaneously. The 820i allows users to automate formula selection, batch start up, data recall, or any frequently used process.

920i IndicatorsThe impressive and adaptable 920i weight indicator leads all indicators delivering more features, more programmability, and more power for your process. Combining performance driven circuitry with simplified architecture, and customized display features. let the 920i take your processing system farther than ever before.


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