Counting Scales

Counting Scales are typically used to determine the number of parts in large sample of identical pieces. They determine the number of parts in a sample by weighing the sample, and dividing it by the weight of each individual part. If counting parts by hand is too boring and time consuming, we have the counting scale for you. Counting parts by hand is an error prone process. The right counting scale will not only eliminate errors, it will increase productivity and will reduce your labor costs. Counting scales pay for themselves in a very short time when they allow you to download product and operator data, receive real-time transactions, provide production reports and improve trace ability. We offer Rice Lake, Sartorius and A&D counting scales specifically designed for counting parts. We also offer our own CAT 920 counting and trace ability scales and dual counting scales that can be integrated into much larger systems.

Interweigh Dual Counting Scales CAT 920 Counting Scales

Dual Counting Scales Interweigh designs its own counting scales for those situations that require dual counting. While the smaller scale is used to sample the items to be counted as a method of obtaining the unit weight accuracy, the larger scale is used to weigh the item in bulk. These units also come with fork lift mounts and wheels making it easy to move them and to lift them.

CAT 920 Counting Scales A rugged, easy-to-use scale with basic weighing or parts counting functions, the CAT 920 offers durable, stainless steel housings, a high-speed processor and large backlit LCD for fast and accurate measurements. Stores up to 1000 products, 1000 transaction records, and 100 operators.

FC-i Series by A&D Weighing HC-i Series by A&D Weighing

FC-i Counting ScalesA high resolution counting scale, the FC-i Series counting scale utilizes ACAI, A&D's exclusive Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement. ACAI combines the two most critical performance requirements of a counting scale: count accuracy & operation expediency. Initial Average Piece Weight can be determined through an operator's choice of fixed, random, keyboard entry, or memory recall.

HC-i Counting Scales Simple to operate, HC-i Series counting scales are ideal for building your own inexpensive inventory control system. Cost effective and reliable, the HC-i Series will eliminate errors and wasteful repetition during large volume counting jobs. Capacity ranges from 6lbs (3kg) to 60lbs (30kg) and offers a resolution ranging from 0.0005 lbs (2g) to 0.01 lbs (0.005kg).

HD Series by A&D Weighing Sartorius Midrics/Signum Counting Scales

HD Counting Scales A portable high capacity counting scale, the HD Seiries offers a choice of simple operation to direct entry of tare weight, piece weight and sample size. Detachable display head allows for portability while capacity ranges from 12kg (30lbs) to 60kg (120lbs) and a resolution of 2 g (0.005 lbs) to 10 g (0.02 lbs). Designed for the budget conscious user.

Sartorius Counting Scales Sartorius offers the Midrics 2 and the Signum 3 models for a variety of counting applications. Signum 3 is ideal for precise weighing tasks and applications such as counting, checking and formulation. The Midrics Level 2 offers a parts counting function for keeping an inventory of numerous objects of the same weight.

Choosing the Right Counting Scale

Choosing the right counting scale depends on your application. To keep an accurate inventory for even the smallest parts, its best to look for the highest precision possible. As is often the case, a counting scale will sacrifice ease of use and speed in order to maximize the precision and accuracy of counting. Technologies, such as the ACAI, Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement of the FC-i Series, promise to achieve greater precision without sacrificing ease of use or operational speed. Other features to look for include whether or not the scale is 100% stainless steel which is very important when appearance, durability and cleanliness are important issues. Readability is another consideration if you need to read the weight from a variety of angles. Counting scales that allow you to keep track of product data, real-time transactions, and provide production reports are another great way to improve your productivity.

Counting Scale Applications

Ideally suited for a host of counting applications, including annual inventories, stock rooms, print shops and rentals, the counting scales can be used to count parts ranging from semiconductor chips, electronic coils and screws to ticket stubs and seeds. They can be used to determine the number of parts in large quantities of identical pieces. They are very handy in many manufacturing, packaging and other commercial and industrial applications. Counting scales are often used to determine the number of parts in large containers of small things such as screws or washers. Our counting scales ensure accurate and reliable control over incoming and outgoing products in almost every industry. Whether you use it for inventory management or stock taking, or quality control, our counting scales will increase productivity and reduce giveaway.

  • Pharmaceutical - used to accurately count tablets and capsules.
  • Plastics - used to count plastic extruded parts.
  • Fastener Industry - used count washers, nuts, bolts and other small machined parts.
  • Electronic - used to count small parts which are used to build a variety of electronic components.
  • Automotive - used to count a variety of automotive components and parts.

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