Intrinsically Safe Scales

An intrinsically safe weighing scale is a device designed specifically for hazardous areas and corrosive environments. This type of scale is explosion proof, resistant to extremely high temperatures, and will function in gas and dust mixtures. Our scales take safety that extra step. An intrinsically safe scale is considered safe when its design is such that it is incapable of releasing enough energy to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheric mixtures in their most easily ignitable concentrations. In short, an intrinsically safe device eliminates the conditions for an explosion no matter what the circumstances.

Sartorius IS-Ex Explosion Proof Scales FB 2800 Series Intrinsically Safe Scales

Sartorius IS-Ex 
Intrinsically Safe ScalesThese explosion proof scales offer high resolution performance for use in hazardous zones with potentially explosive gas or dust. They are often used in special applications like paint mixing and gas cylinder weighing. Readability: 0.001 to 2. Weighing capacity: 0.62 to 300 kg. IP54/65/67 protected.

Fairbanks FB 2800 Intrinsically Safe ScalesThe Fairbanks Intrinsically safe FBS 2800 Series Indicator can be interfaced with a Remote Display in the hazardous area via fiber optic. Remote tare and auto zero functions are also available. The 2800 indicator can be connected to a variety of scales and platform sizes.

QuickSilver Intrinsically Safe Weighing Scale Sartorius Combics-Ex Intrinsically Safe Scales

QuickSilver Intrinsically Safe 
ScalesThe all-new Quicksilver IS (Intrinsically Safe) Bench Scale is designed specifically for explosive environments where low energy usage during normal operation is a must. Standard equipment battery pack allows for ultimate mobility, while sanitary design makes the Quicksilver IS Bench Scale perfect for wash-down environments.

Sartorius Combics-Ex 
Intrinsically Safe ScalesCombics weighing platform are "modular" in that they can function as a stand-alone workstation with an indicator set up in the hazardous area or with other process equipment connected to transmission or control system, i.e., transmitters or controllers set up in a hazardous area for recipe weighing, batching and filling systems. Readability: 0.5 to 100 g 30,000 d Resolution. Weighing capacity:3 kg to 3000 kg. IP67 protected.

Sartorius FC-Ex Intrinsically Safe Scales Sartorius EB-Ex Intrinsically Safe Scales

Sartorius FC-Ex Intrinsically 
Safe ScalesThese FC-Ex intrinsically safe scales combine the highest accuracy with unique functionality and operator convenience. Recommended for Zones 1 and 2, these scales feature a readability of 0.001 to 2 g, a weighing capacity of 0.62 to 300 kg.

Sartorius EB-Ex 
Intrinsically Safe ScalesRuggedly designed with high overload protection and side-impact protection, the EB-Ex series are well suited for use in hazardous areas. All models feature a backlit display, which ensures error-free operation. Their completely stainless steel design and high IP protection rating make them ideal for use in rugged production areas. Weighing capacity: 3 kg to 3 t.

Using special components, materials, ratings and component layouts, all the electric circuits and interconnected cables are designed so that there is no chance of a spark or any ignition under fault conditions. In order to make their scales as safe as possible, a scale manufacturer will try to limit the voltage, current or any storable energy. Our intrinsically safe design combined with explosion proofing provides a protection system that gives the user unbeatable safety while offering the cost-efficiency of on-site weight indication.


Intrinsically safe weighing scales can be calibrated and maintained without any interruption in power, they allow you to use general purpose wiring methods for connecting the scale to a power source, and there is no need for safety permits for the surrounding area because you won't have to shut down the power for servicing.


An intrinsically safe weighing scale is considered safe in those locations where hazardous concentrations of flammable gases or vapors exist, where there are combustible or electrically conductive dust or fibers or where there might be hazardous gases due to equipment failure, i.e., breakdown of containers or ventilation equipment. These scales are also to be used wherever there might be acetylene, hydrogen, gases or vapors of equivalent hazard, such as manufactured gas, ethyl ether vapors, ethylene or cyclopropane, gasoline, hexane, naptha, benzine, butane, propane, alcohol, acetone, benzol, lacquer solvent vapors or other natural gases.

Grain Elevators: - a grain elevator, for example, often contains combustible dusts. A spark in a non-explosion-proof scale could ignite an elevator-wide explosion. However, with and explosion-proof indicator, the spark (or even an explosion) is contained within the case. The hazardous atmosphere cannot be ignited, and the elevator is protected.

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