Pallet Truck Scales

Interweigh Systems supplies pallet truck scales, lift truck scales, on-board weighing systems and weigh-in-motion loader scales for all your warehousing, shipping and production requirements. Pallet truck scales are onboard weighing systems used for moving industrial goods from one location to another. Pallet truck scales are mostly used in a warehouse environment and designed specifically for moving goods on a pallet. Transform your pallet truck, walkie, or lift truck into a mobile weighing station by choosing the latest in on board weighing technology. In addition to pallet truck scales, we carry lift truck and on board weighing systems from SI Technolgoies and LTS which offer the widest range of weighing solutions for maximizing your production efficiency. We are also pleased to offer the new rust free Quickweigh Series which offers weighing solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Electronic Pallet Truck Scales Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scales
Electronic Pallet Truck Scales

With a capacity of 4500 lbs, superior accuracy, and a 1 lb resolution, these electronic pallet truck scales are an industry favorite with warehouse and cargo handlers. Only 2.9" high, entry to the pallets is a breeze. Powered by a 24-volt battery, and designed with operator efficiency in mind, this pallet jack scale will give your years of value and reliable performance.

QuickWeigh Pallet Truck Scales

Stainless steel Quickweigh pallet truck scales provide easy verification of incoming and outgoing shipments. Flexibility is provided which allows weighment at the working station instead of taking products away to a remote scale for weighment, significantly reducing processing time. Capacity: 2500 kg / 5000 lbs. Accuracy: +/- 0.1%

On Board Weighing Systems Tuffer® Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scales
On Board Weighing Systems

SI/Allegany produces On-Board electronic weighing systems for almost every truck and trailer combination, including Single Point, Spring, Walking Beam, and Air-Ride suspensions for trucks and trailers and 5th Wheel's. SI/Allegany also produces on-board weighing systems for most Straight Trucks, including a Smart Pin for Roll-Off vehicles, and the Route Man system with data storing capabilities for each stop.

Tuffer Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scales

The Tuffer Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scale will provide the information to load maximum weights faster and keep trucks moving without going to a central scale location and back to the pit. This means you get increased productivity on every load, every day. Onboard scales make it easier and faster to load accurate weights every time and Tuffer is designed to do the job and survive the rugged environments found in quarry and other loading operations.

Lift Truck Scales - LTEF-16-N Rice Lake's CLS-420 Forklift Scales
Lift Truck Scales

Featuring a unique single load cell design that is extremely useful for a wide variety of shipping and receiving operations and applications, lift truck scales by LTS are a superior mobile weighing system. With superior load sample linearity, enhanced serviceability, digital accuracy to 1/10th of 1% of scale capacity, rugged design and with a capacity of 50,000 pounds, the LTEF-16-N model offers the best in durability and safety.

Forklift ScalesSave operator time, space and eliminate the middle step with Rice Lake's CLS-420 Cargo Lift Scale. Using a forklift to transfer cargo from a warehouse to a floor scale, and then to a final destination, wastes time, money and floor space. With these forklift scales, you can weigh, transfer and collect data in one effcient operation and reassign the space previously occupied by the floor scale.

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