Electronic Pallet Truck Scales

Regardless of the application, Interweigh has the right electronic pallet truck scale to do the job. Designed with our customer's input, our full line of rugged pallet truck scales delivers the versatility and quality you've come to expect. With a capacity of 4500 lbs, a high degree of accuracy, 1 lb resolution, our electronic pallet truck scale is hard to beat. With its unique 2.95" lowered fork height, entry to the pallets has never been easier. Interweigh offers a wide range of electric pallet truck scales to meet all your production needs. Industry leading levels of value and reliability can be found in all of our electronic pallet truck scales. Attention to operator efficiency and ease of use puts overall equipment value to work for you.

Electronic Pallet Truck Scales

Notable Features

  • 2.95" lowered height of forks
  • Floating Platform
  • 4500 lb. Capacity
  • 1 lb. Resolution
  • High Accuracy

Scale Features

  • Floating Platform (ball and cup suspension)
  • Back lighting when weight is applied to forks
  • LB/KG toggle switch
  • Center of zero indicator
  • Automatic zero tracking
  • Push button zero
  • Push button tare with net/gross indication
  • RS 232 serial port (Bi-directional)
  • Low battery indicator

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scales

Specifictions Truck Specifictions
Weighing capacity 4500 lbs (2045 kg) Load Capacity 4500 lbs
Resolution 1lb (.5kg) Lowered height of forks 2.95"
Max Error .1% (4lbs in 4500) Raised Height 7.6"
6 digit display 1 inch tall LCD Overall Width of Forks 28"
Power Six - 1.5 volt D cell batteries Fork Width 7"
Space Between Forks 14"
Fork Length 45"
Load Rollers (Polyurethane) 2.7" D x 3" W
Front Rollers (Polyurethane) 6 1/4" D x 1 7/8" W
Body Length (including pump) 62 ½"
Approximate Weight 465 lbs

Truck Features

Pallet Floor Scales

  • Unique 2.95" lowered fork height
  • Sealed ball bearings throughout
  • Bearings at all pivot points can be lubricated easily
  • High quality leak proof pump assures maintenance free service
  • 3 position hand lowering control with safety design loop handle and finger tip release
  • 215 pivot action maneuvers in compact area
  • Hard chrome plated ram and piston
  • Urethane seals and wipers
  • Ball thrust steering
  • Safety/color powder coated paint after anti rust treatment
  • Foot release


  • Verify incoming/outgoing weight
  • Truck loading by weight
  • All purpose mobile scale
  • Batching and drum filling
  • Inventory Control.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scales - Diagram

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