Pharmaceutical Scales: Floor, Checkweighers and Analytical Balances

Inefficiencies in the production process are starting to appear throughout the pharmaceutical industry and are a leading cause of disappointing levels in productivity and growth. Some of these inefficiencies can be traced directly to obsolete weighing technologies and a lack of control over data. To help eliminate those inefficiencies, Interweigh Systems offers everything from floor scales designed specifically for clean rooms, to powerful new analytical balances and pharmaceutical checkweighers that are not only fast and accurate, but metal detectors as well.

Floor Scales Checkweighers: CoSYNUS®

Pharmaceutical Floor ScalesThe IF Series floor scales are available in various sizes, designs, weighing capacities and resolutions. Configure as high resolution instruments or use in legal metrology Weighing range: 150 up to 3000 kg.

CheckweighersThe newest model in the SYNUS® checkweigher family, the CoSYNUS® is not only a checkweigher but a metal detector. The operator can configure and control two instruments in one interface quickly and easily.

Analytical Balances: Practum® Checkweighers: EWK 3000

Analytical BalancesThe Practum® has it all. Weigh everything from the smallest samples to the heaviest objects in the analytical range, and from entire chunks of solids to the finest quantities of pastes, powders and liquids.

CheckweighersThe stainless steel EWK 3000 checkweigher delivers maximum performance, particularly for use in production of pharmaceuticals. Can be combined with a metal detector.


CheckweighersThe ECONUS® Checkweigher features an integrated infeed and outfeed conveyor designed for use in monitoring the weights and completeness/integrity of packaged products in folding boxes, bags, sacks, jars, cups, etc.



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