CoSYNUS® Checkweighers

Combine checkweighing and metal detection in to one device and you get the new CoSYNUS® Checkweigher. Representing a new formula for combined process reliability, the CoSYNUS® Checkweigher sets a new standard for independent dynamic weighing and metal detection for the pharmaceutical industry. With its futuristic design, the CoSYNUS® offers the modularity required for maximum flexibility and integration into your production line. Its modular design allows for numerous application targeted configurations for everything from conveyor systems to weighing ranges, resolutions, evaluation electronics, dimensions plus a wide range of accessories.

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CoSYNUS® Checkweigher and Metal Detector

Notable Features

  • Weighing Systems: 1.0 kg, 2.0 kg, 5.0 kg or 7.0 kg.
  • Display Scale Divisions: 0.1 g to 1g.
  • Maximum Throughput: 200pcs/min.
  • 3 Display and Control Units: 6.4" TFT, 10.4" TFT or 15" TFT with touch screen.
  • Aperture Width Of The Coils For Metal Detection: 225, 275 or 375 mm.
  • Aperture Height Of The Coils For Metal Detection: working height 110 max.

CoSYNUS Checkweighers

Weighing systems: WS 1|2|5|7 kg WZGP with SYNUS® evaluation electronics 6|10|15

  WS 1 kg WZGP WS 2 kg WZGP WS 5 kg WZGP WS 7 kg WZGP
Weighing Capacity 1000 g 2000 g 5000 g 7000 g
Smallest Permissible
Verification Scale
0.1 g 0.2 g 0.5 g 1 g
Throughput Capacity max. 300 units/min max. 200 units/min max. 180 units/min max. 180 units/min.
Center-To-Center Distance 310 mm 300 mm | 350 mm | 400 mm | 450 mm | 500 mm
Infeed Belt 800|900 mm
Belt Width 40 mm | 80 mm | 120 mm |
160 mm (IB / OB 150 mm)*
150 mm | 200 mm | 300 mm
Roller Diameter IB 30, WB 22, OB 30 mm* 30 mm
Transport Medium Circular belt or belt Belt
Conveyor Direction Right to left or left to right  
Operating Height 600 mm... 1100 mm (in 50 mm increments)
Leg adjusting range: ±25 mm
Floor Clearance 100 mm (± 25 mm)  
IP Protection IP54 (standard), IP65 (optional upgrade)  
Equipment Safety Design meets the requirements of EC Directives 89/392/EEC (machinery)  
* IB = infeed belt, WB = weighing belt, OB = outfeed belt


As Checkweighers play a greater role in the production processes, they are constantly striving to increase productivity, reduce downtime, enhance security and to allow for greater flexibility and integration into the production processes. CoSYNUS® checkweighers not only meet the stringently high standards on hygiene and cleaning procedures, but have added the ability to detect harmful metal impurities and have improved documentation and process controls.

CoSYNUS Checkweighers

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