Practum® Pharmaceutical Analytical Balances

The new Practum® Analytical Balance is a foolproof, exceptionally rugged and reliable lab balance. Practum® has everything you need for weighing everything from the smallest samples to the heaviest objects in the Analytical range, and from entire chunks of solids to the finest quantities of pastes, powders and liquids. It can be used to count identical materials, such as tablets, screws and similar parts. Accurate, consistent readings with excellent repeatability and high reliability are just a few of the features offered by the Practum®. It also includes a supervisor lock for preventing unintentional changes to the setup settings and makes weighing effortless thanks to the ergonomic and sturdy draft shield.

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Pharmaceutical Analytical Balances

Notable Features

  • Practical and Sturdy Draft Shield: The sturdy draft shield will stand up to the daily use even by inexperienced operators.
  • Supervisor Lock: This practical feature enables teachers and professors to lock the menu.
  • USB Port and Data Transfer to Excel for Perfect Records: The USB port automatically detects when a Sartorius laboratory printer is connected to the Practum® .
  • Weigh Cell: High-resolution, overload protected weigh cells ensure durable and reliable performance.
  • Large Indicators:an outstandingly simple-to-read level indicator on the front make it a breeze for you to level the balance.
  • Interval-Controlled Printout of Weights: The Practum® will document weights automatically and reliably, such as slow filling processes.

Pharmaceutical Analytical Balances

Technical Data
Readability 0,1 mg
Capacity 220 g
Draft Shield Manual
Calibration With External Weights
Legal Verification None
Leveling Manual
Minimum Sample Size Range None
Display Colored Touch Screen
Repeatability 0,1 mg
Linearity 0,3 mg
Typical Stabilisation Time 4 seconds
Pan Size ø 90 mm
Weighing Chamber Height 209 mm
Weight 4,5 kg
Dimensions 216 x 360 x 320 mm
Line Voltage 100 - 240 V
Interface Mini USB


  • Weighing: from the smallest samples to the heaviest objects in the Analyticalal range.
  • Density: easily and accurately determine the density of a solid object.
  • Percentage: determine how much different samples vary from areference standard.
  • Peak Hold: read off the maximum forcereleased in milliseconds when a switch is activated, or weigh a bulky sample that covers the display.
  • Counting: to count identical materials fromtablets to screws and similar parts.
  • Checkweighing: whether different packaged units are within a specific tolerance range.
  • Weighing under Unstable Conditions: when exposed to vibrations or laminar flow.

Pharmaceutical Analytical Balances


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