Shipping Scales

Interweigh Systems manufacturers and supplies a variety of shipping scales for all your shipping needs. We offer conveyor, pallet, floor and bench scales for all types of shipping applications where volume is a key issue. Our conveyor scale, for instance, is a high volume shipping scale used by courier companies, large warehouses, where the number of cartons is measured in packages per hour (PPH). It offers speeds up to 350 fpm and a potential throughput of 3500 pph. Faster than a floor scale, our pallet scale is a quick and economical way for weighing skids while they are being moved around. Our floor scale is perfect for logistic companies or anyone shipping freight on skids, while our bench scale is ideal for light duty in a shipping, warehouse or parts depot.

Wireless Wheel Weighers Cubiscan In-Motion Dimensioning Systems
Wireless Wheel Weighers

Most portable wheel weighers take for ever to setup and most of your time is spent unraveling wires. With the Wireless M6 PAW-C wheel weigher those days are long gone. Weigh your truck, loader or forklift in no time at all and take advantage of the wireless connectivity.

Shipping ScalesLower your shipping costs and streamline your shipping operation with an In-Motion Dimensioning System from CubiScan. Limited warehouse storage space? Don't know what is coming in or going out of your warehouse. Space is a scarce resource in shipping and logistics and knowing how much space a package occupies will not only save you money, it will actually increase your revenue.

Floor Shipping Scales Cubiscan Static Dimensioning Systems

Shipping Floor ScalesInterweigh's Low Profile Floor Scale features a durable platform design that can handle all kinds of forklift traffic. It comes with a 300% overload capacity and a 150% end-load capacity. Easy to install and relocate. Levels with foot adjustment. Can be installed above or below ground. Is perfect for logistics companies and anyone shipping freight on skids.

Shipping ScalesIf you value accuracy when it comes to the weight and measurement of your inventory, then CubiScan's advanced shipping scales are for you. Designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehousing, shipping, and freight manifesting operations, we offer the ultimate solution for the dim weight calculations saving you money in storage, freight and shipping costs.

Conveyor Shipping Scales Bench Shipping Scales

Shipping ScalesInterweigh offers conveyor shipping scales that dynamically weigh items (typically cardboard packages or shipping cartons) as they pass along the scale's conveyor belt. These shipping scales are ideal for high volume applications, such as courier companies, large warehouses, where the number of cartons are measured in packages per hour (PPH). Are also used for any application that can't be done manually. We can also integrate these shipping scales with dynamic dimensioning and scanning to provide a turn key solution.

Shipping ScalesReduce your shipping costs with our economical ISI-C shipping scales. With a capacity of 3 to 600 kg, these shipping scales are ideal for light duty in a warehouse or parts depot. Modes include counting in lbs or kg. Ideally suited for manual operations, this scale can be tied into your shipping software. It can also be part of a static roller conveyor system and is often used for low volume shipping where you have only a few parcels to weigh every day.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Shipping Scales  

Shipping ScalesThe QuickWeigh stainless steel pallet truck scale provides easy verification of incoming and outgoing shipments. Contamination of food and pharmaceutical products during shipping, receiving or food processing processes are greatly reduced due to the QuickWeigh's stainless steel, rust free, construction. Valuable time is saved by allowing weighments to take place at a work station rather than taking the products away to a remote scale for weighment. Capacity: 2500 kg / 5000 lbs. Accuracy: +/- 0.1%


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