Industrial Management Software

To support our weighing scales, scanning equipment and barcode labeling systems, we offer custom designed software.

Looking for innovative custom designed industrial management software to improve your bottom line? Interweigh Systems supplies software that makes it easier to integrate scale data with a customer's accounting and inventory software. This can be transmitted wirelessly to supply the quick and accurate information you need from your weighing devices. Our easy-to-use software programs offer several advanced features that are sure to help you streamline your operation. Our industrial management software packages allow you to easily connect any scale or balance with an RS-232, USB, 'Blue Tooth' or Ethernet output and to import the data from your weighing devices into your PC software. Download fully functional demos by Teklynx. Our custom designed software solutions are listed below:

Food Traceability Software

Food Traceability SoftwareInterweigh's Software for Food Processing Companies with Random Weight Boxed Products

Tired of manually adding the weights of randomly weighted products to find out your product totals? Our custom designed software package ISISHIP2000S eliminates the need to manually add weights for product totals. Using a Symbol MC-9000, PDT (Portable Data Terminal) scanner an operator scans the UCC standard bar codes on all the incoming or outgoing boxes of random weight product relating to particular customers or suppliers. A receiving or shipping manifest is then produced which either can be printed or downloaded to a PC. Added data coordination can be provided to provide a tight HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) managed process.

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Food Processing Software

Food Processing SoftwareInterweigh's Data Integration Software for the Food Industry

Our data integration software integrates production and customer order data with many common accounting packages. This custom designed software package offers an order taking module which allows new customer orders to be downloaded into a customized program for Windows Pocket PC running on Symbol's MC-9000 PDT scanner series. This allows the operator to fill customer orders directly by following the menu on the PDT scanner. The operator simply scans the UCC bar codes on the boxes that correspond with the requirements of the order. Afterwards this data can be downloaded to a PC running popular accounting packages such as Quick Books or Business Vision 32 to produce immediate invoices or picking slips. If Interweigh's weigh labeling systems such as the WL-920i are used in the food production department then this data can be combined with the data scanned with the PDT scanners to provide tight inventory control and superior HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) management.

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Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing SoftwarePiece Counting and Data Verification Software - CATNet - Interweigh's Piece Counting and Data Verification Software for Manufacturing

For manufacturing companies in the automotive industry, Interweigh has developed a counting system that can accurately manage multiple lines of production. Using Rice Lake's 920i programmable weighing indicator, Interweigh Systems offers a closed loop system which tightly controls unit weights, part numbers and piece counts together with operator ID's, and any other relative data. Tote or box labels can easily be produced and all the data can be configured to meet system data entry requirements.

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Data Collection Software

Data Collection SoftwareThis data collection software for industrial scales is a robust application that can communicate with up to 10 attached scale systems. It offers a Graphical User Interface for product, customer, and operator data management which ensures data integrity, decreases data maintenance time by allowing the operator to enter data once, and downloading to all connected systems. Password protection ensures only privileged users may perform such operations as deleting all data from the connected systems.

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Truck Scale Software

Truck Scale SoftwareFairbanks Scales new Interact Database Scale Transaction Software is the industry’s most revolutionary truck scale data handling program ever written. It is designed for customers who need flexibility, data storage, data reporting and data networking capabilities. Windows® XP compatible, and runs on most PCs including Fairbanks’ new FB 3000 Series Instrument. Also compatible with most other scale manufacturers’ instruments.

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Label Printing Software

Label Printing SoftwareInterweigh Systems Inc. is pleased to offer LabelView by Teklynx, one of the world's best label printing & bar code packages available. LabelView 8 supports the most widely-used RFID printers and tags and delivers scalable solutions for your label design and printing needs over a wide range of applications. It gives you the power to create portable applications on your Pocket PC or Windows CE device and is widely recognized as the easiest label design and RFID encoding software available. We offer full Labelview support from a turn key installation with any of our barcode printers. We also offer full bar code compliance support including on-site and phone support.

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Print Management Software

Print Management SoftwareAn exciting new software package from Teklynx offers a whole new level of control over your bar code printing. Called Sentinel, this print management software offers more control over the movement of your products from the warehouse to the store shelf. Compatible with Teklynx' Labelview label design software, it will also allow you to eliminate standalone bar code label printing operations while maintaining your current Labelview label templates. Ideal for companies that require centralised control of enterprise-wide bar code printing.

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