Label Archive Traceability Software

Teklynx's Label Archive offers label traceability and security for the entire label design and print process. Teklynx label traceability software packages are well known for their advanced features to identify and track people, products, and assets in a wide range of applications in virtually any industry. A file management system with automated workflow, ensures that only approved labels are printed. Includes reprint capabilities and full history reporting.

Label Archive

Label Archive extends TEKLYNX's label design and printing functionality by providing a traceability and security layer for the entire label design and print process.

Label Archive's controls guarantee that only approved label formats are printed. With Label Archive, you can ensure that your labels and label printing process comply with Wal-Mart, 21 CFR, WEEE/RoHS, ISO, or Sarbanes Oxley standards.

Designed to work with Teklynx's LABELVIEW and CODESOFT label design and printing software.

Notable Features

  • Complete archiving, approval, history, and security for bar code and RFID label design and production environments.
  • Traceability layer for the label design and printing process.
  • Server and Clients run on a network.
  • Works with LABELVIEW and CODESOFT label design software.

Download a fully functional demo for 30 days or 100 executions.

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