Warehousing Optimization and Integration

At Interweigh we believe that the warehousing optimization and integration is a strong component for companies engaged in package storage, shipping and distribution. We offer a comprehensive range of warehousing solutions from complete warehouse management systems (WMS), to automated material handling equipment, barcode solutions, dimensioning, cubing, weighing systems and automated data collection.

In association with TQS Technologies (3PLQS Inc.), Interweigh offers the following warehousing software and hardware solutions:

TQS iRoute(c) - Mobile Pickup and Delivery Tracker is an on vehicle transportation carrier and courier application (mobile and web) developed by TQS Technologies (3PLQS Inc. company). TQS iRoute along with iGPS allows management of your transportation routes in real time. It gives visibility of your customer's items and allows for real time exception and performance reporting via iRoute web portal.

TQS Fusion(c) - Warehouse Management System offers a comprehensive, real-time inventory control application. Designed for time-sensitive, multi-customer warehousing environments. This is a comprehensive barcode application improves the tracking, movement, handling, and storage of inventory. The software optimizes the distribution requirements, receiving inbound product, tagging to inventory and location put away. TQS Fusion(c) WMS picks, packs and ships customer sales orders with ease and efficiency.

TQS vServe(c) - Web-Based Supply Chain Management application enables companies to automate their distribution demands towards the newest logistics trend 'cross docking'. TQS vServe(c) manages supply chain purchase orders placed onto manufactures and vendor suppliers, and translates and coordinates the physical release of multiple orders to single consolidated manifested deliveries. TQS Solution cross-docking application improves freight cost management. The software optimizes and coordinates outbound shipment demand using automated methods to build consolidated consignee deliveries.

Below are just some of the products and solutions we offer that could help achieve your goal of optimizing your warehousing operations.

Dimensioning Systems Wireless Wheel Weighers

Dimensioning Systems At Interweigh we strive to meet all your warehousing, shipping and weighing needs. Our dimensioning and cubing systems, including the Cubiscan 125 from Quantronix, provides cubing, barcode scanning and weighing solutions all at a single point of operation that can seamlessly integrate transmitted data into your current warehouse accounting software.

Wireless Wheel Weighers

Most portable wheel weighers take for ever to setup and most of your time is spent unraveling wires. With the Wireless M6 PAW-C wheel weigher those days are long gone. Weigh your truck, loader or forklift in no time at all and take advantage of the wireless connectivity.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Warehousing Scales Barcode Scanners

Pallet Truck Scales Contamination of food and pharmaceutical products during shipping, receiving or food processing processes are greatly reduced due to the QuickWeigh's stainless steel, rust free, construction. Valuable time is saved by allowing weighments to take place at a work station rather than taking the products away to a remote scale for weighment. Capacity: 2500 kg / 5000 lbs. Accuracy: +/- 0.1%

Barcode Scanners We supply handheld barcode scanners, wireless infrastructure and software for a wide variety of weighing devices and applications. We offer mobile computers, cordless bar code scanners, handheld scanners, wireless networking and power over ethernet products, warehouse shipping software and comprehensive barcode scanning software packages.

Labeling and Barcode Printers Parcel Scales

Barcode Printers With a solid metal frame and an excellent print quality, the Datamax I-4208 is the most comprehensive, cost-effective barcode printer labeling system available. Built to meet the toughest printing requirements, the DMX-I-4208 incorporates many standard features normally found as options on competitive products.

Parcel Scales At Interweigh, we know that every weighing situation is unique. On behalf of Sartorius and Fairbanks, we supply parcel and shipping scales to fit the needs of a wide variety of mail and package shippers. Our postal scale comes with a serial interface and a Universal Serial Bus port. It is also compatible with most FedEx and UPS shipping systems.

Weighing Systems Wireless Interfaces

Floor Weighing Systems This low profile floor scale features a durable platform design that can handle all kinds of warehousing traffic from forklifts to trucks. It comes with a 300% overload capacity and a 150% end-load capacity. Easy to install and relocate. Levels with foot adjustment. Can be installed above or below ground. Is perfect for warehousing logistics companies and anyone shipping freight on skids.

Wireless Interfaces We design and supply the following wireless infrastructure: Count on Zebra's award-winning comprehensive line of wireless switches for all your mobility needs. Allow all your devices to communicate wirelessly with your front office using Interweigh's Connective Hardware Software Interfaces.

Weigh and Dimensioning  

Weigh and Dimensioning Systems The CubiScan® 210-SS is a new generation in-motion dimensioning system that eliminates the need to breach a conveyor to drop in a cubing system. Quantronix's advanced dimensioning systems, also known as CubiScans, are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehousing, distribution, and freight manifesting operations.


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