Precision Laboratory Weights

Interweigh Systems supplies weights for use in a laboratory to verify mass at a very precise level of accuracy, such as ASTM or OIML. Our precision laboratory weights are used by pharmaceutical labs for formula testing, quality control labs in food processing plants, engineering labs for design testing, industrial plants or labs for calibrating a fine increment lab balance and government labs.

1. Precision Laboratory Stainless Steel Individual Weights or Weight sets:


These weight sets are used in laboratory functions to verify mass at a very precise level of accuracy, such as ASTM or OIML.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Metrology Group.

Precision Laboratory Weights


Sizes and Weight Classes to meet any laboratory requirement.




Interweigh has been supplying weights for over 20 years. Both Rice Lake and Interweigh are ISO 17025:2005 accredited calibration laboratories.


Precision Lab Weights come in various set sizes in either metric or avoirdupois (imperial)

Metric: 50 kg to 1 mg

Avoirdupois: 100 lb to 0.005 lb

Precision Laboratory Weights


Why purchase Weight Sets from Interweigh to meet your weight needs? Interweigh can offer you a full range of weights to meet any and all weight requirements, and then offer you a traceable weight calibration service through our own Calibration Lab in Markham to ensure your weights are kept accurate and your calibration reports up to date.


Precision Weights are used by:

  • Pharmaceutical labs for formula testing.
  • Quality control labs in food processing plants.
  • Engineering labs for design testing.
  • Any industrial plant or lab for calibrating a fine increment lab balance.
  • Government labs.

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