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While we offer a wide variety of stand alone products related to the weighing process, we will also help you to design a complete turn-key wireless system in which many of these products are only a minor component. Since 1982 we have evolved from a simple industrial scale company to a multi-faceted solutions provider covering everything from weighing to scanning, dimensioning, label printing, automation and data collection. To meet the challenges of implementing the latest technologies in wireless connectivity and software development, we are constantly in the process of updating our product line and expertise. Below are but a few of the latest additions to our product base. - Last update: Feb 2016.

CubiScan Dimensioning Pharmaceutical Scales Wireless Wheel Weighers
CubiScan Dimensioning Teklynx Software Wireless Wheel Weighers

Ask about our dimensioning and cubing systems by CubiScan for collecting dim weight data.

See what Interweigh has to offer for eliminating production inefficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Let Wireless Wheel Weighers make weighing trucks and equipment look easy.

Pallet Truck Scale Sartorius Scales WL 7000 Weigh Labelers
Pallet Truck Scales Sartorius Scales WL 7000 Weigh Labeler

Let QuickWeigh's stainless steel, rust free, construction reduce contamination of food and pharmaceutical products.

We now offer Sartorius scales which can provide high resolution accuracy at a very affordable price.

Our bar code weigh labelers provide customized barcode label printing solutions.

Truck Scales Teklynx Software UNI-7 Retail Scales
Truck Scales Teklynx Software UNI-7 Retail Scales

Rice Lakes' SURVIVOR® truck scales are designed to provide reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.

Download the latest in Teklynx's software arsenal to improve your inventory and asset tracking.

Designed for the fast paced world of the retail environment, we offer the UNI-7 retail scale from Ishida.

Ishida WM-Nano Ishida WM 4000 Wrappers Sartorius Lab Scales
WM Nano WM 4000 Wrappers Lab Scales

The WM Nano Table Top Wrapper will make it easier for the small food retailer and grocer to wrap food.

The WM 4000 Wrapper not only wraps, but weighs and labels food products.

The new M-Class â„¢ Lab Scales from Sartorius offer everything from the compact, portable precision to high resolution analytical balances.

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