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Interweigh Systems Inc. are authorized Zebra resellers of mobile computers, barcode scanning equipment, RFID solutions, enterprise tablets and Wireless LAN devices. To complement this product offering Interweigh Systems offer a wide range of device and PC software. Solutions for Transportation & Logistics, Food Processing, Food Warehousing are available. Knowing how to create a complete solution from the ground up is our strength. Mobile devices require rechargers, cradles, spare batteries, holsters etc. We can assist you in putting this solution together.

To support Zebra hardware products, Interweigh offers the following software solutions in association with TQS Technologies (3PLQS Inc.):

TQS iRoute(c) - Mobile Pickup and Delivery Tracker is an on vehicle transportation carrier and courier application (mobile and web) developed by TQS Technologies (3PLQS Inc. company). TQS iRoute along with iGPS allows management of your transportation routes in real time. It gives visibility of your customer's items and allows for real time exception and performance reporting via iRoute web portal.

TQS Fusion(c) - Warehouse Management System offers a comprehensive, real-time inventory control application. Designed for time-sensitive, multi-customer warehousing environments. This is a comprehensive barcode application improves the tracking, movement, handling, and storage of inventory. The software optimizes the distribution requirements, receiving inbound product, tagging to inventory and location put away. TQS Fusion(c) WMS picks, packs and ships customer sales orders with ease and efficiency.

TQS vServe(c) - Web-Based Supply Chain Management application enables companies to automate their distribution demands towards the newest logistics trend 'cross docking'. TQS vServe(c) manages supply chain purchase orders placed onto manufactures and vendor suppliers, and translates and coordinates the physical release of multiple orders to single consolidated manifested deliveries. TQS Solution cross-docking application improves freight cost management. The software optimizes and coordinates outbound shipment demand using automated methods to build consolidated consignee deliveries.

Mobile Computers Barcode Scanning

Mobile ComputersThe versatility of Zebra's integrated voice and data mobile computing hardware products, allow you to capture and exchange business-critical information according to your specific enterprise demands.

Handheld - Wearable - Vehicle-Mounted - Tablets - Accessories

Barcode ScannersWith a Zebra scanner in hand, your workers can capture the data that matters most - as fast and as accurately as possible. And whether you need bar code scanning at your retail POS, at patient bedside, on the manufacturing production line or in the aisles of your warehouse, we have a scanner that is right for your environment and your application.

RFID Solutions Enterprise Tablets

RFID SolutionsZebra's RFID solutions offer you the opportunity to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking information, you'll always know where your critical business assets are.

TabletsTablets by Zebra don't compromise security, durability and flexibility. Designed with one purpose in mind – these tablets will make your business ready for whatever the future holds and whatever your customers demand. For an uncompromising approach to mobile computing, consider Zebra tablets.

Wireless LAN Devices  

Wireless LAN Devices Whether you have a single office or a worldwide network, you can stay mobile and connected with Zebra's family of award-winning Wireless LAN products.

Access Points - Client Radio Devices - Wireless Controllers - Switches -Integrated Services



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