Mobile Computers

As an authorized Zebra reseller of mobile computers, Interweigh Systems offers the following hardware solutions: the ES400 Enterprise Smartphone, the MC 3100 Series Rugged Mobile Computer, the MC1000 Handheld Mobile Computer, the MC65 Rugged Mobile Computer, the MC9190-G Mobile Computer, the MC9500-K Mobile Computer, the MC9190-Z Handheld RFID Reader and the MC55A0 Rugged Wi-Fi Mobile Computer.

ES400 Enterprise Smartphone MC3100 Series Rugged Mobile Computer

ES400 SmartphoneThe ES400 is a cutting edge mobile Smartphone that transforms mobile managers and task workers from informed to truly empowered by giving them the tools and access to critical enterprise-class applications they need to complete any job, anywhere. Instead of pushing information at your workers, give them what they need to take action when and where it matters - in front of your customers.

MC3100 Mobile ComputerThe new Zebra MC3100 Series brings cost-effective mobility and user comfort to key-based applications within the four walls. The rugged and ergonomic MC3100 offers advanced computing power and data capture capabilities, enhanced security and enterprise class motion sensing capabilities.

MC1000 Handheld Mobile Computer MC65 Rugged Mobile Computer

MC1000 Handheld Mobile ComputerCombine data entry and bar code scanning capabilities into one simple package that meets the demands of your budget and your environment. Designed for batch processing applications in light industrial, retail, government or warehousing and distribution centers, this device tracks your inventory more efficiently and accurately increasing the speed of your operations and improving response to customers.

MC65 Rugged Mobile ComputerGive your mobile workers the tools they need to get the job done right now with the MC65. They will redefine productivity with the MC65 in hand - one of the toughest and most flexible EDAs on the market. Desktop-like application performance and our most robust scanning, camera and GPS technologies plus a customizable user interface make data capture and information access easier than ever.

MC9190-G Mobile Computer MC9500-K Mobile Computer

MC9190-G Mobile ComputerThe Zebra MC9190-G mobile computer is more rugged, more powerful, has a higher resolution display, better scanning performance and more scanning options than its predecessors. The next evolution in the highly successful MC9000 Series gives your workers the ability to process information and take action quickly and accurately, even in the harshest of environments.

MC9500-K Mobile ComputerThe Zebra MC9500-K raises the bar for premier rugged mobile computing, incorporating breakthrough ergonomic design and features to support the most demanding field mobility applications. Truly in a class of its own, this groundbreaking device is as different on the inside as it is on the outside.

MC9190-Z Handheld RFID Reader MC55A0 Rugged Wi-Fi Mobile Computer

MC9190-Z Handheld RFID ReaderThe MC9190-Z is a high-performance, highly rugged RFID handheld reader targeted for use in very demanding applications and environments. Designed for medium to long range RFID read applications, the MC9190-Z delivers best-in-class RFID read range and accuracy in an ergonomic, integrated RFID and bar code device.

MC55A0 Mobile ComputerGive your managers and task workers everything they need to take instant action anywhere. Pure business on the inside and smart styling on the outside, the MC55A0 rugged enterprise mobile computer lets your workers access business applications, scan bar codes, snap a photo, view a video and place a private or push-to-talk call to virtually anyone in your facility - all with a single device.

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