Wireless LAN Networks

We offer Zebra Wireless LAN products from LAN controllers/switches to access points. Whether you have a small office or a worldwide network, you can stay mobile and connected with the award winning Wireless LAN products from Zebra. We offer Access Points for every type of network, organizations large and small for their everyday operations and Wireless Controllers which allow you to easily design, deploy, monitor and secure your network while improving daily operations.

AP621 Wireless Access Point AP650 Wireless Access Point

AP621 Wireless Access PointThe AP 621 is designed to lower the cost of deploying and operating a secure, reliable 802.11n wireless LAN (WLAN) in branch offices or headquarters facilities. It features a MIMO radio, superior receive and transmit sensitivity, and a GigE WAN uplink port. Is easily managed remotely by a Zebra RFS 7000 or other wireless controller that discovers access points on the network and automatically downloads all configuration parameters and firmware, greatly reducing installation, maintenance and troubleshooting costs.

AP650 Wireless Access PointThe AP 650 combines simultaneous WLAN access and sensing, providing 24/7 wireless security and enabling IT administrators to remotely troubleshoot network performance issues at any location. The AP 650 is designed to optimize network availability through its central and pre-emptive intelligence which dynamically senses weak or failing signals, securely moves mobile users to alternate APs, and boosts signal power to ensure uninterrupted access.

AP6521 Wireless Access Point AP6521 Wireless Access Point

AP6521 Wireless Access Point The AP 6521 enables controller-less operations at small to medium sites by serving as a virtual controller and coordinating the operation of up to 24 neighboring access points for mobility and QoS services. The access point features a MIMO radio, superior receive and transmit sensitivity, and a GigE WAN uplink port. The embedded WiNG 5 intelligence ensures that traffic is locally forwarded along the most efficient paths without sacrificing quality of service and security implemented at the access point itself.

AP6521 Wireless Access PointWhen demand on your network reaches new heights, a cost effective solution that delivers quality performance is critical. The AP 622 Dual Radio Access Point combines the power of WiNG 5 intelligence with the cost-efficiency of a dependent access point. The AP 622 features dual MIMO radios - one can be used for client access while the second is used for simultaneous client access on a different frequency band or as a dedicated sensor on both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands for security and troubleshooting.

RFS 6000 Wireless Controllers RFS 4000 Wireless Controllers

RFS 6000 Wireless ControllersThe RF 6000 provides a single platform capable of delivering carrier-grade wireless voice and data inside and outside the enterprise for medium to large organizations with 2,000 to 20,000 users. Improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost of mobility with a powerful feature set including Adaptive AP, which delivers unmatched performance, security, reliability and scalability to enable networks for business mobility at a low TCO. An Ideal switching and voice communications platform for medium to large enterprises.

RFS 6000 Wireless ControllersThe RFS 4000 is designed to provide any branch office or remote facility with high performance, comprehensive, cost effective and secure wireless and wired networking services. No matter what the networking needs are in your branch offices, the RFS 4000 delivers rich voice support including Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) now, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and IP PBX in the future; rich video support including video conferencing and video surveillance; multiple locationing technologies such as Wi-Fi and RFID; plus support for multiple RF technologies, including future technologies such as Wi-MAX.

RFS 7000 Wireless Switch

RFS 7000 Wireless SwitchThe RFS 7000 wireless switch delivers unmatched performance, security, resiliency, scalability and manageability for the large wireless enterprise/campus/warehouse, providing a single platform capable of delivering carrier-grade wireless voice and data for 8,000-96,000 users. Zebra's Wireless Next Generation (Wi-NG) architecture improves operational efficiency of a wireless switch and reduces the cost of mobility with a powerful comprehensive feature set that includes Adaptive AP, SMART RF and Wired/Wireless Firewall for Wi-Fi, RFID locationing, providing gap-free layered security, and unmatched reliability for 802.11n with Mesh, centralized management and more - best ROI and lowest TCO.

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